Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Sales

Talk about some much needed shopping therapy. There always seems to be a reason for buying stuff. Anyway, I hope most of you would have put up your early Memorial Day weekend sale promotions to capture the mega crowd of shoppers who have either started shopping or are going to do so this weekend itself. Noticed that many of the major retailers had started early since last week. Don’t worry, you can still catch up 🙂 Just get the news out via social media.

And sales don’t have to necessary end on the day itself. Most stores these days are offering a longer promotion or sale period to give shoppers more time to get what they want (as long as there’s still stocks available!). Since most people will be traveling and planning to spend time with family and friends for the long weekend, they may not like the idea of battling the physical crowds. These folks usually prefer to shop online instead.

Not only would you be able to capture the local crowd but these days, international shoppers are savvy enough to wait for American holidays like these to take advantage of their online sales. So if your store only caters to domestic customers, you may want to re-think your marketing strategy by choosing to offer some good deals to international buyers. For international buyers, shipping rates are usually their main concern. If you could help them by providing suggestions or offer competitive international shipping rates or solutions, that will be of tremendous help.

So to all our American friends out there, have a wonderful Memorial Day 2013 weekend.

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