Is Your Online Store Ready For The Holiday Sale Season?

Time flies these days! It’s already the holiday sale season. Although most people will be gearing up for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, please do not wait until the last minute to make the necessary changes to your online store as you need to start building the momentum NOW.

What Are Others Doing?

I mean, check out what Amazon and Walmart are doing. They’re both offering different sets of products on sale now counting down to Black Friday. And a real attention grabber or encourager is always the Free Shipping being offered to consumers. The idea is to start attracting online customers to your site as it’s never too early for them to start shopping. Snoop out your competitors to see what they have done to their site.

Coming back to your store, have you come up with a time frame and list of products that you wish to put on sale? And with so many different sites throwing in free shipping for customers who spend above a certain amount, it would be good for you to offer the same on your site. So FREE is THE WORD that will capture your customers’ attention. Remember to factor in the shipping cost for your products as you wouldn’t want to make a loss on your sales. If you can’t afford to offer free shipping, then another suggestion would be to offer some free products for customers who purchase above a certain amount. Just make sure that’s visible on your site. Obviously, no returns on freebies.

Customer Service Ready?

It would be a danger zone if your customer service is not ready to handle questions, complaints or inquiries from online customers. You would want to protect your store’s reputation by ensuring that your customer service is giving prompt and professional replies efficiently. And please make sure that orders are processed promptly as consumers will remember excellent customer service. The bonus is when they recommend your store to others so you might want to check that Facebook, Twitter and other social media is up to date as well. Happy selling!


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