New Look vs Better Functionality

Troop Inspection (Explored)

A new year is almost upon us. Many of you would have budgeted to give your store a whole new look or at least a fresher-upper.  Though having a nice looking store helps in getting visitors to stay longer and browse along, having a store with customized features targeted at your customers can help you convert better.

How Do You Know What Features To Add?
Well, ask your customers or visitors. You can do this by creating a questionnaire and placing it on your site or include it with a newsletter. You can even ask them while on chat or phone. Many a time, you’ll be surprised that they want the simplest of features which you easily accommodate or turn on in our solution..

Sometimes, visitors just want better pictures, bigger pictures but not so big they’d have to scroll all over to view the whole image, or more views of a product. There are some instances where shoppers would like to have an Easy Checkout option or view product videos.  However, some requests do require custom work to fulfill.

Another way to find out what features you can add to your store is by sneaking over and having a peak at what your competitors have on theirs. However, just because they use a certain feature, does not mean it works. They could be just trying something new and doing a little split test to see if it works. Testing rules!

You could also request that we have a look at your store and see what we can do to take it to the next level.

One Shoe Does Not Fit All
There is no one feature that converts well for every single store. The dynamics involved are just to great. So, there is no point in stuffing every feature you can find into your store. That would mess everything up.

If a particular product does not need the Zoom tool for its image, don’t turn it on. If a product only requires 2 images from different angles, don’t upload 5. More is not always better. In fact, it might even be distracting. You want to hook your visitor in the most efficient way possible and convert them.


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