Free Shopping Cart Features Tip: Benefits Of Product Reviews

While doing keyword research, especially for products, some of you may have noticed that the hottest or most searched terms usually end with the word review or reviews. In this installment of Free Shopping Cart Features Tip, we will be looking at the benefits of product reviews, where you can source product reviews and how to write balanced product reviews that evaluate your products critically while focusing on their strengths.

Some people buy on impulse while others need a little convincing. It’s for the latter group where reviews can have the most impact on a web store. It is not surprising why Amazon posts as many product reviews as it possibly can, even negative ones. In fact, slotting in a couple of negative comments among the dozens of positive ones helps give some credibility to the overall authenticity of the reviews as a whole.

Shopping Cart Features Explained

Review This Product

Most shopping cart features will have a Review This Product option. But if no one writes a review of a product on your product page, you can still review it yourself. To help you out, here’s one shopping cart features trick: Go to Google Product Search and search for a product that you have in your store. You will be presented with results from various shopping sites. Some sites will display the price of the product sold while others will state the number of reviews the product has received and the product’s overall rating as well.

Pros And Cons

Have a look at the reviews and take note of the pros and the cons. Then take a page out of Amazon‘s review system come up with your very own store product review for that product. You can even put a twist on a “con” to even things out by compensating it with a “pro” or two.

Here’s a typical shopping cart example of a twist: “Product ABC may have a lower battery life compared to its rivals but the FREE car charger and removable battery makes it easy to keep powered up.”

SEO Boost

Another benefit of adding reviews to your store is it helps thicken your site with relevant content that is rich in targeted keywords. If your shopping cart has an RSS feed option, turn it on. This helps to get word out when new content is added to your site. All of this will undoubtedly improve your store’s SEO.

I hope you found this installment of Free Shopping Cart Features Tips useful. Try it out, add a few product reviews to your store and let us know how it works out for you.

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