Retail Outlets Won’t Carry Your Brand? Launch A Web Store And Sell It There.

The Challenge

When you are new in the market, trying to get major retail outlets to carry your brand of products can be an uphill battle. Retail outlets tend to court well-known brands (that suit their target market) because they pull in a particular crowd. Retail outlets rarely risk bringing in unknown brands because of image or status concerns. Established brands have a certain status associated with them and retail outlets hope to leverage on that.

Engaging a PR campaign to promote your brand of products might also lead to a dead end. It does not really matter if your products have all the bells and whistles and come with really good pricing if consumers have no place to buy them from.

Of course you could hire a national distributor and go head-to-head with numerous established names but that might not be a good idea even if your product has a ground-breaking, unique selling point. Big names spend millions every year making sure people choose them over newer names. It is virtually impossible to challenge them on their own turf. You have to change the playing field in order to succeed.

How? Read on to find out…

The Remedy

Launch your very own web store. Why not? Setting up a web store is a cinch if you have the support of one of the best ecommerce software providers around. Just remember, if you are looking to buy shopping cart software, make sure it comes loaded with an online shopping cart tutorial.  All the best ecommerce software do.

Having your own online store not only means you no longer have to worry about where to sell your products but more importantly, it also means your market has just gone global. With the right amount of publicity, retailers might just end up knocking at your door asking if they can carry your products.

The Next Step

Besides getting your site optimized for search engines, you would need to embark on an aggressive marketing campaign. The thing about online marketing is that not everything requires money, some just require time and effort. You would also need to get your customers as involved as possible with your store. For instance, there was a sports shoe store which provided the services of a shoe consultant via a video chat session during a certain time of the day. Visitors would show the consultant the soles of their shoes and would instantly get advice on what shoes to buy based on the wear pattern. A couple of minutes later, a sale is registered.

It does not take a genius to come up with ideas like these. Sometimes you just need to put yourself in the shoes (pun intended) of customers to find out what they really want or rather, what would tilt their decision in your favor. Keep giving them what they want and they’ll come back for more, and if you’re lucky, with a few friends in tow.

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