Tips For Creating Effective eNewsletters

People spend as much as 6 hours a day on the Internet, according to ecommerce statistics. Rain or shine, as long as the connection isn’t on the blink, chances are quite a few of the 1.6 billion people with internet access will be online.

If you have subscribed to an ecommerce shopping cart software service and are running a web store, you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time marketing your store. A typical ecommerce shopping cart provider usually includes lots of features to help you market your products. One such feature is eNewsletter Broadcasting.

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eNewsletters are great because they are (usually) free, yet have the potential to increase sales from existing customers by as much as 30%. Although some clients praise this feature, others say it is a waste of time. When this happens it is always good to compare the eNewsletters that work with the ones that don’t.

Here are a few tips to put you on the right track:

Lowest Price Automatically Equates To Higher Sales

That assumption is a fallacy. Just because your product is cheap does not necessarily mean people will buy it. Just having the lowest price doesn’t get you very far these days. Many merchants use the “Low Price” caption as their main and only feature or USP (Unique Selling Point) in their eNewsletters without realizing that low prices are just bait. You must present other features and explain their benefits in order to convert eNewsletter readers into buyers. You can bet your competitors are doing the same.

Unique Selling Points

No product can remain truly unique indefinitely. It’s just a matter of time before a competitor’s product emerges which can better your product on all fronts. This is why you should always promote your product in a way that ties into other features as well. Leverage your strengths and make sure you feature them next to the products you are promoting in your eNewsletter. Don’t be too vague. “Money back guarantee” sounds good initially but it won’t make the grade. Sometimes you have to spell things out in order to dispel any concerns. “Money back guarantee – No hidden fees, No contracts, No cancellation penalties” – might work better as you’ve backed up your bold statement with an assurance. Always put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try to figure out what would prevent them from buying a particular product. Address those concerns and voila! — a sale.

The Little Things

Don’t waste too much time coming up with clever tag lines for your eNewsletter. If people want to read something funny, they’ll do a search for jokes. People have a tendency to look at product images first before they read anything else on an eNewsletter so make sure those images are attractive. Use all the tips mentioned earlier – explain features and benefits, address concerns immediately – to try to close the sale as early as possible.

Try to avoid featuring too many products in your eNewsletter. Remember, it’s not a catalog. Feature one main product – a new product, for example – and offer it at an introductory price. As a bonus, customers can use a discount count code included in the issue to get a further discount on top of the introductory price. You can display smaller photos (thumbnails) of “on sale” items below the featured product’s prime area. However once again, do not display too many.

Once you’ve got your eNewsletter ready, you can make full use of your ecommerce shopping cart provider Newsletter Broadcasting feature to market your products and hopefully, pull in some sales.

What are your experiences with eNewletters? We’d love to hear them.

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