Valentine’s Day Shopping Cart Software Solution Gift Ideas

The day that would send shivers down the stems of roses, if only they had feelings, is less than two weeks away. However, not all web stores may fully benefit from this day that celebrates Cupid haphazardly shooting arrows at unsuspecting humans. This is yet another opportunity for merchants to capitalize on with the help of some shopping cart software solution features.

Traditionally, restaurants and stores selling flowers, chocolates, soft toys, and gift baskets are overwhelmed with orders during Valentine’s Day as sweethearts go out of their way to express their feelings for each other.

But of late, people are beginning to break away from the traditional, opting instead for unconventional gifts to shower their loved ones with. This could be due to some very inspired merchants who just would not accept the fact that camping gear does not shout “I love you”, for example. To merchants such as these, we salute you.

We blogged a while back with some shopping cart help and advice about forgotten tools or resources from our many shopping cart services and features you can use to improve sales. These features include e-newsletters and the aborted orders list. Utilizing these tools and resources from our shopping cart software solution should be part of a merchant’s routine. Also just as important is the spin one puts in marketing campaigns in relation to products.

Web stores selling traditional gifts related to Valentine’s Day might find it easier to market their products and services but, having said that, it could be harder for them to differentiate themselves from their competitors. As mentioned earlier, more stores selling non-traditional Valentine’s Day related items are steadily coming into the picture as people put more effort into choosing more tailor-made gifts that suit their partners’ tastes and personality.

Stores selling bath merchandise have been busy marketing robes, towels, soaps and even floor mats specially designed for this occasion. Even sporting goods stores have started selling romance-inspired … socks and running tops with the words “I will never run out of love with you”.

So don’t fret if you don’t sell typical Valentine’s Day items. Take a look at what you sell and see if you can put a romantic spin on things. Last year, there were a couple of stores selling ladies shoes which targeted men for Valentine’s Day. I remember sales copy in an e-newsletter saying something like, “Women love Diamonds and our pretty shoes. Our pretty shoes cost much less.”

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