Start Your Own Business Online Catalog Site

So you want to start a web business but you don’t want to spend too much. Why not start your own business online catalog site? It isn’t very difficult to start your own business online catalog site and it’s also very affordable.

If you want to start your own online business for free, this is as close to it as you can get as start up costs for a service business are very low. You basically only need to spend some cash on a domain name and hosting for your site.

It may not cost much to start your own business online catalog site but it does take some effort in terms of getting your site ranked and populating your site with products. So how exactly does one make money running a catalog site? Well, a catalog site makes money the same way review sites and comparison sites do – via affiliate marketing commission. This said, there are also more established catalog sites that have moved on to become bona fide online stores themselves. They still do not stock products but instead may utilize the services of suppliers who drop ship products on their behalf.

Many catalog sites start out as blogs. We’ll use a running tips site as an example. A person who is interested in running, for example, could use his experience as a runner and start a blog about his interest. This blogger may start by writing about his experiences running competitively, training, and running recreationally. He could then start to post reviews on sports-related products he has used. This could include power gels, trainers, warm up and exercise techniques, running vests, running shorts, eye wear and all sorts of related items.

Once the blog starts getting a steady stream of traffic going, our blogger could then write in to certain sports brands or online sports stores to provide items to be reviewed. He could then join their affiliate programs and earn some commission. Once the blog starts to command a healthy amount of traffic, he can sign up for a reliable ecommerce solution – that would be us – and make even more money selling products. Mind you, it’s never a good idea to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs so he should definitely keep his blog, useful articles and reviews going.

To help promote a site, do not forget to fully utilize social networking sites like Facebook as well as micro blogging sites like Twitter. It is also important identify a niche and relevant keywords to target as well. Going with our example, a blog about running would naturally target runners. But when it comes to keywords, the latest products – especially shoes – should be associated with more precise keywords. Avid runners know shoe models by heart. Online magazines like Runner’s World have a yearly article near the end of the year that gives a glimpse of models that will be released the following year. A savvy merchant can use this information to their advantage when doing keyword research.

Start your own business online catalog site today and hopefully you will be able to sign up with us later when you are ready to start your own store.

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