Best New Online Business Opportunity Out There

The best new online business opportunity tag seems to change every week. Last week it was probably selling ebooks online and next week it could be promoting space tourism but as the best new online business opportunity this week, what we’ll be looking at is online music lessons.

Online music lessons have been like a godsend to aspiring musicians who want to further improve their skills. In the past, if you wanted to get the help of a maestro, you’d probably have to register to attend a master class in a large city or perhaps even in another country. But with the advent of the Internet and faster broadband speeds, being tutored by accomplished musicians is now very possible.

Music teachers and musicians who don’t make enough from performing need to make a living. In the “olden” days, a music teacher’s main constraint from making a higher income was time. After all, you can only fit in so many students in a day. Every lesson would last about 45 minutes or so. Raising fees, performing, recording, doing session jobs and holding coaching clinics were the only ways to get more money out of this profession. But truth be told, every other alternative other than raising fees requires the individual to be a well-known standout musician.

But today, music teachers have a better alternative. With the help of a dynamic online shopping cart like the one from InstanteStore, providing music instruction online could be one of the easiest online business to start. Teachers can now have many students from all over the world. Even better, instructors can prerecord lessons and sell them as a soft product, either downloadable or viewable online via login.

Students can view and refer to these videos as many times as they need at their own pace. They can also play along with the taped instruction. Students can also record themselves playing and upload these videos for further assessment. If necessary, a teacher is also able to communicate with students via video conference for one-on-one personal instruction.

Music teachers can further add to their income by selling licensed sheet music as well as earn commission recommending music instruments, music CDs and DVDs through affiliate marketing arrangements. If a music instructor is fairly competent, their recommendations are bound to carry weight with their students, and lead to commissions from sales of products that they’ve recommended to their students.

Not everything is about money though. Many sites also offer online metronomes and tuners as free extras. They also offer reviews, concert calendars and other updates and tips for students free of charge.

So now you know why we’ve chosen this as our best new online business opportunity this time around. It’s affordable and one of the easiest online business to start with the backing of a dynamic online shopping cart. And the best part part is that you do not even need to play a musical instrument or know anything about music to start such a store. Just get in touch with a few music teachers and market their lessons as products.

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