What To Sell Online, Shopping Cart Ideas For Big Events

Just like all big events, the 2010 Winter Olympics is looked upon as yet another opportunity for merchants to make extra money. In fact, the profit margins are higher for items sold in conjunction with events such as this.

Read on and find out what the best products to sell online are, shopping cart ideas for post-Winter Games and ideas on how to prepare for the upcoming FIFA World Cup Finals in June.


Free Keyword, Site Design And Shopping Cart Software Tips

Here are a few more FREE keyword, site design and shopping cart software tips that we’ve garnered by analyzing customer questions, digesting the latest ecommerce findings and carrying out our own little experiments. It’s still basically the usual suspects – keywords, site design and shopping cart software – that are under the microscope, but with a little twist here and there. All these little tweaks are important as customer trends keep changing.

Every year it seems like we encourage our merchants to get their Christmas/Holiday store preparations done a little bit earlier than the year before. This year is no different. (more…)