Dynamic Online Shopping Cart News – Facebook Don’ts

This dynamic online shopping cart news installment looks at a common mistake that many merchants make – trying to sell on Facebook.

Over 50% of merchants who’ve employed social media strategies say that selling on Facebook does not work. Around 20% of those surveyed said that it had a positive impact on business and there are even some (12%) who said that it had a negative effect on business. We’re not really sure how this happened but we’re really curious too find out.

With all the hype over social networking sites, why aren’t the figures adding up? After all, social networking sites like Facebook have over 400 million active users. The reason is simple – sites like Facebook are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites, not ecommerce sites. People go there to socialize. They do not go there with the primary intention to shop. People go to online stores with fully integrated shopping cart software for that.

Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Insight – World Cup Keywords

We blogged earlier about the World Cup being just a few months away. We also disclosed that quite a number of stores have already started with their World Cup inspired shopping cart design templates and have begun selling World Cup merchandise in preparation for the big event. Many are promoting pre-orders for certain items with heavy discounts to entice buyers.

In this post, we will offer another secure ecommerce shopping cart insight into the kinds of keywords these merchants use and what the hottest World Cup related searches are right now.


Best New Online Business Opportunity Out There

The best new online business opportunity tag seems to change every week. Last week it was probably selling ebooks online and next week it could be promoting space tourism but as the best new online business opportunity this week, what we’ll be looking at is online music lessons.

Online music lessons have been like a godsend to aspiring musicians who want to further improve their skills. In the past, if you wanted to get the help of a maestro, you’d probably have to register to attend a master class in a large city or perhaps even in another country. But with the advent of the Internet and faster broadband speeds, being tutored by accomplished musicians is now very possible.