Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Insight – World Cup Keywords

We blogged earlier about the World Cup being just a few months away. We also disclosed that quite a number of stores have already started with their World Cup inspired shopping cart design templates and have begun selling World Cup merchandise in preparation for the big event. Many are promoting pre-orders for certain items with heavy discounts to entice buyers.

In this post, we will offer another secure ecommerce shopping cart insight into the kinds of keywords these merchants use and what the hottest World Cup related searches are right now.

Here’s our first secure ecommerce shopping cart insight: As you already know, keywords are important to a web store. The type of keywords a store is ranked for reveals the type of market it is aiming for. And, some keywords convert better than others. Take for instance, South Africa World Cup Tickets and Ivory Coast vs North Korea 2010 World Cup Tickets. Both are long tail keywords but the latter is more specific and has a more urgent ring to it. A person who searches with that keyword would seem more focused and ready to make a purchase.

Our second secure ecommerce shopping cart insight touches on the hottest keywords for this event. As you might have guessed, World Cup Tickets are currently a hot commodity right now, both in terms of keywords as well as the actual event tickets themselves. Sites selling travel and holiday packages are already using this keyword and according to Google Adwords, competition for this keyword is at a maximum.

But there are other World Cup related keywords that do not rank high in terms of competition but have garnered a fair amount of searches. These keywords – fifa world cup xbox, fifa world cup ps2, fifa world cup ps3 –  are usually used by merchants selling games for the xbox, PS2 and PS3. Surprisingly, there is no mention of Wii World Cup games. This does not, however, mean that no one is searching for it. After all, a Google search for that keyword revealed 1.8 million results.

Spain is a hot favorite at this year’s World Cup. However, if you do a search for FIFA World Cup Spain Jersey via Google’s Keyword Tool, it’ll return a Not enough data statement. Search Google for the same keyword and you’ll be presented with 340,000 search results. Now try adding Xavi (as in Spanish midfielder Xavi Hernandez) to the end of that long tail keyword and the search results drop dramatically to just 15,800. But don’t let those figures fool you. The competition might be low but those sites could be very strong (ranking well for their targeted keywords). Think out of the box. Try something different.

Here’s a dynamic online shopping cart idea. What about selling Personalized FIFA World Cup Spain Jerseys? A quick search reveals that there are 43,000 search results. But take a closer look at the top 10 sites listed and you’ll find that only one site has the word “personalized” in the title and description. The most occurring words are FIFA World Cup. So if you have a store selling sports merchandise, you may have a chance successfully marketing personalized World Cup jerseys.

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