Are Customers Bouncing Off Your Site?

Phew! 2011 sure whizzed by fast! 2012 is a brand new year with new resolutions (and maybe some old spill overs!) and more exciting things to look forward to for this year. It’s going to be GREAT! I hope many of you had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year with family and friends along with all the wonderful food that we just can’t get enough of.

With the festivities now over, it’s time to focus on business once again and how to get more of it! With any online business, the main aim is to get as much traffic and visitors to your site in the hopes that they WILL buy something from you, right? Sometimes just driving traffic to the site just won’t cut it anymore. Many get disappointed when they see tonnes of traffic heading their way but still the sales just aren’t what you’re hoping for.  Your visitors are just not buying off your store and simply bouncing off your site. Yes, you did your SEO homework really well, got your site sprinkled with the keywords that you’re targeting and you’re ranking well on the search engines and hence the visitors are pouring in. That’s good but still you need to turn this visitors into customers…..

So where’s the moolah? Why aren’t people buying stuff when they land on your site? In fact, why aren’t they staying long enough to browse through your products?  Some of you are probably already making changes to improve the bounce rate but still can’t see improvements. Here are some reasons that could explain why this is happening.


They couldn’t FIND what they’re looking for. Is your page way too cluttered with too many call to action? Are you showing them too many things which they’re not looking for? This is one sure way to drive visitors away! Try limiting your scope and stay in focus with the main objective of the page so that your visitors can easily browse and look for what they’re searching for. It’s always good to have a SEARCH box clearly indicated on your site because they can always use that to find the product that they’re looking for.


Your product pricing is WAY HIGHER than your competitors. Especially with price comparison sites sprouting out everywhere, visitors can very easily get all these handy information at one glance! So be sure to find a good product source that can provide you with very competitive pricing so that way you can price your products competitively and yet the profit margin is still fine.


Your website does not LOOK inviting enough to interest people to STAY LONGER. Always remember that people are very visual creatures. Your store’s landing page is like a shop’s window display. If they don’t like what they see on display, they will not bother to stay long enough to browse the site. It’s got to arrest attention! So pay more attention to how products are laid out at your store etc.  Give them a reason to want to browse further with exciting offers to entice them further but always remember to strike a fine balance. Multiple navigation bars, multiple search boxes, oddly placed ads — the more complicated the design the more likely a visitor will bounce.


The keywords that you used which lead them to your site DID NOT match with what they are looking for. This is a very important factor. You have to match the page purpose to the call of action. You can always have different landing pages for the different keywords that you are targeting at. It doesn’t always needs to be directed to the Homepage of your store.  That way, the visitor will be able to see the product that they’re actually looking for right away without having to hunt high and low for them especially if your front page does not feature the product that they’re looking for. 

So do take the time to look through your pages and see whether they match their purpose. In fact, it would be good if you could get some of your friends or colleagues to find your site and tell you what they think about it as a potential customer. Or you can always just drop us a line if you need someone to review your site and give you a quick analysis on it. We also do provide a  competitive SEO package that you could check out if you don’t have the time to mess with the SEO nuts and bolts to get it ranking. 🙂 Drop us a line or contact us for further info. Happy selling!

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