Do You Have A Pinterest Account?

I’d heard about Pinterest for some time now but hadn’t really checked out the site until yesterday. Once I did, I immediately requested an invite! Love the pictures and images that are posted on this site as they’re a breath of fresh air compared to all the Facebook stuff that I’ve seen.

For those of you who do not know, Pinterest is the new kid on the block in the family of social media applications. Looking at the way it’s growing, I’m not surprised that more and more people are requesting invites to join.

Pinterest is quite easy to use. In order to start pinning up images, you need to either be invited to join or you can request an invite when you’re at the site. Once you’ve created an account, you can start pinning up the images that you want to share with others. A “pin” can be your own image or photo, or it can be from any website that you come across that is interesting enough for you to share with others. There are different boards which are already available that you can add your pins to. Click on Pinterest images and you’ll be taken directly to the users who posted them.

For example, if you happen to like food (like yours truly!), you could add pictures of your favorite food to share with the rest of the community on the Food and Drink board. You can also get plenty of ideas on what to eat, cook or look for after checking out what others have pinned up there. Want more? Create your own unique board to share what you’re passionate about.

So if you’re a merchant selling your products, you could choose to pin up images of your own products to share with the entire community on different boards or via your own board. For example, homemade children’s clothes, books, CDs, electronic gadgets, fashionable items, coupons, foodstuff, etc. Make sure the images are clear and have them pinned up. This way, it helps to get the word out faster. People who are interested can also “like”, tweet or embed the image on their own website. And since your store has links to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media apps on it, adding a Pin It link for other customers or visitors to share your products on their site or on Pinterest would also work to your advantage.

In fact, even the President of the United States recently opened a Pinterest account and started posting a glimpse of what he likes in terms of images. You can check out the news about the US President’s Pinterest here.

I hope you guys try out Pinterest for yourself and make full use of this social media application to help you grow your business. Bear in mind that you should avoid infringing any copyrighted or trademarked items. Read about the latest rules and updates at the Pinterest blog.

And since Easter is just round the corner, have a good time celebrating this season with your family and friends. It’s a wonderful reminder for us to be thankful for new beginnings. Have a good one!

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