The 8 Instagram Accounts With the Most Followers — And What Marketers Can Learn From Them

Instagram is absolutely massive today. Facebook got an unbelievable deal when they bought Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012. Now, there are some accounts and people on Instagram that garner an absolute ransom for one singular post on their Instagram accounts. It is hard to tell which is the most valuable accounts but the power that some of these celebrities have is absolutely incredible. The soccer player from Portugal and Selena Gomez are two of the biggest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram is a huge marketing tool for many companies in today’s culture.
  • Jenner has an incredible reach of followers on her own Instagram and she can charge a lot.
  • Celebrities have incredible power in the world of marketing and people try to get them to promote.

“Instagram?s popularity lets most brands forge an emotional connection with a massive audience, and some brands are so good at visually engaging and resonating with Instagram users that they?ve attracted tens of millions of followers.”

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