Thinking Ahead, Market Early

Joseph Blatter Displaying Brazil As Host For The FIFA World Cup 2014

Do you often find yourselves one step behind your competitors in terms of marketing? Does it seem that just when you start to plan your next campaign, your competitors decide to launch their very own campaigns for similar products.

The trick is to do your research much earlier and have marketing options on standby.

For example, a quick look at the major events and products we can look forward to next year are the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia (February), the FIFA World Cup In Brazil (June) and a commercial cure for baldness (seriously).

I won’t even go into the possibilities for souvenir vendors when it comes to big events like the world cup. Many people think that only souvenir vendors make many from such events but it’s not true. The thing is to be creative but be careful not to infringe on any copyrighted material.

Almost anyone can hitch a ride on the publicity provided by such huge events.

For example, for those of you selling language learning products, you might want to market language learning aids targeting the languages used in host countries for those two big events. Bundle it with a t-shirt that has the word ‘Hello’ translated into all the languages from the countries which have qualified and you might have a winner on your hands. It’s not an original idea but it has worked numerous times in the past.

Books, DVDs and software/apps detailing places of interest in those two countries could also be good sellers. It’s jut a matter relating your products to the events. I just takes a bit of creativity and you’ve got it made.

The next step is to choose how you want to market your product. Hit all the free traffic sources first – Social Media, Forums, Blogs and Video Sites. Next, hit the Market Places, Adwords, Ads On Social Media, Ads On Video Sites and other paid traffic options (if you have the budget and if it makes sense).

I’m not going to touch on the commercial cure for baldness product because that thing will just sell itself, almost, if you can get your hands on it. And looking at the image above, you can tie-in this product with the World Cup too. 🙂

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