Ecommerce Shopping Carts – Ideas For FIFA 2010 World Cup

Football fans started buying their favorite national team jerseys as soon as the teams they support qualified for the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Teams from 32 countries will take part in the World Cup. The “traditional” World Cup heavyweights such as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, England, Spain and Italy have loads of fans the world over from nations who did not qualify as well. To try to take advantage of this huge event, we present a few quick shopping cart ideas for owners of ecommerce shopping carts stores in this post.

Attendance in South Africa will be in the millions but billions more will be following it from home. As a show of solidarity for their beloved teams, fans around the world will be seen donning the jerseys of their favorite teams jerseys come June.

Even before the end of the Winter Olympics, ecommerce shopping carts sports, gifts and souvenir related stores dedicated a few pages each to the FIFA World Cup that’s coming up in a few months. There’s even a merchant selling home products who’s already promoting World Cup related beddings and toiletries. This just goes to show that if you know what your market wants and you market your product well, the likelihood of success is high.


For those store owners who are not fans of soccer/football, there are many types of jerseys – home, away and “third”/alternate kits – for a single team. These can be further divided into kids and youth jerseys, standard kits and look-alike tees. Jersey tops with individual player names and numbers on the back sell for more. One shopping cart tip would be to stock up on the big names of the game and pray they don’t get injured before the event. As usual, adequate research is essential.

Other Standard Souvenirs

Just like for the Winter Olympics, scarves, mascot (Zakumi) related items, flags, banners, key rings, mugs and head gear are all popular items that will usually sell well during these events. Let’s not forget mini soccer balls as well. Quite a few stores are already selling ABE (Anyone But England) shirts which have drummed up a bit of controversy. To be safe, stick to the stuff that sells by the truckload. After all, the reason we run web stores is to make money.

Collectors Items

The thing about collectors items is that they sell for a good price and they are hot even after the actual event is over. Items like program booklets, ticket stubs and even stamps have a waiting market. From an ecommerce shopping carts point of view, this niche is too lucrative to be overlooked.

Keep a lookout for commemorative items like special issue soft drinks and bottled water. They too have a market and can fetch a good price. Of course the items that are worth the most are the ones that are autographed. Some sporting merchandise store owners have actually invested in having someone present when the teams arrive and depart the stadiums just to get autographs. Just a single autographed item from a popular player would be enough to cover the initial investment.

So far, this has been a good year for merchants, with two big sporting events to boost earnings. Most merchants are only limited by awareness and creativity. Otherwise, the sky is the limit.

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