Dynamic Online Shopping Cart News – Facebook Don’ts

This dynamic online shopping cart news installment looks at a common mistake that many merchants make – trying to sell on Facebook.

Over 50% of merchants who’ve employed social media strategies say that selling on Facebook does not work. Around 20% of those surveyed said that it had a positive impact on business and there are even some (12%) who said that it had a negative effect on business. We’re not really sure how this happened but we’re really curious too find out.

With all the hype over social networking sites, why aren’t the figures adding up? After all, social networking sites like Facebook have over 400 million active users. The reason is simple – sites like Facebook are SOCIAL NETWORKING sites, not ecommerce sites. People go there to socialize. They do not go there with the primary intention to shop. People go to online stores with fully integrated shopping cart software for that.

Useful Ecommerce Solution Shopping Cart Software Facebook Tip

So you have your Facebook page up and running. What next? How do you use it to promote your products or brand?

In this post, we will look at some examples of what the big names have done. We will explore a simple ecommerce solution shopping cart software Facebook tip. However, please take note that the strategies of big-name companies may not be suitable for your business so you may have to tweak this tip if you want to apply it to your business model. As always, we hope these examples will help inspire you to think out of the box and perhaps formulate an idea of your own and maybe inspire others in the process.


Website Shopping Cart Easy Home Based Business News

In our website shopping cart easy home based business news series, we have blogged about using social and micro blogging sites to help with brand building and promotion of products and campaigns.

Today we shall go into a little more detail and see why more and more website shopping cart brands are looking to sites like Facebook to help spread the word.


Online Business Opportunity Internet Online Marketing Tips For 2010

What a difference a year makes. It seems like only yesterday everyone was putting email marketing at the bottom of their “to do” lists but now it’s back in vogue. Some online business opportunity Internet online marketing tips from yesteryear have made a comeback, while some others are now less relevant.

If you’re looking to start an online business Internet marketing should not be an afterthought. You need to write marketing strategy that will integrate everything the best elements available on the web in order to rank high search engine-wise and successfully convert visitors.


Can Viral Marketing Work For You?

Viral marketing, just like any type of online marketing campaign, aims to drive as much traffic to a site as possible. It actually leverages on the numbers game: the more traffic that ends up at your site, the higher the possible number of conversions.

Of course a viral marketing campaign has to work hand-in-hand with other aspects of the page in order to convert visitors. Read more about that here.

But what actually is viral marketing and how can you formulate a campaign yourself to help drive traffic to your store?


Money in Tweets? 80 Percent Use Twitter For Online Businesses

There was a survey recently that highlights something that may be a little surprising: the real reason people use Twitter is for business, rather than social purposes. For some time now, many online marketers have been pushing the use of Twitter for business. More than eight in 10 people tweet for business. If 80 percent of people are using Twitter to increase brand awareness and their bottom line, then businesses that have yet to embrace tweeting are falling behind their competition, and potentially losing out on possible revenue as well.

Twitter lets you write and read messages of up to 140 characters. Twitter messages are usually public, and Twitter is a recipient-driven information network, so you decide what sort of messages you want to receive. You can also receive Twitter messages, or tweets, equally well from your desktop or your mobile phone.

So why is everyone all a-twitter about Twitter? What exactly does Twitter offer online businesses? … (more…)

Web 2.0 – It’s a Whole New Website Development Era

Web 2.0 is the new buzzword when you’re planning your ecommerce web site development these days. What exactly is Web 2.0? It’s basically incorporating more interactive and participatory applications and user-generated content.

What does that mean, really? Read on as we take a look at important Web 2.0 technologies and talk about how you can make them work for you… (more…)