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Customer engagement is something that many merchants try to avoid like a plague…mainly because they have no idea how to go about engaging customers. Engaging your customers is a good way to remind them that you’re still alive and kicking and provide products and services that they might want or need. Lazada, AirAsia, Google Maps, Facebook Reviews and are just some of the site’s which frequently try to engage me. Some of their strategies are pretty good and some are borderline spammy. Find out what works and what doesn’t and what does the image above have to do with this article.


Smart Card Technology Heats Up Payments Industry

There’s one thing that we really love about technology is the fact that it’s supposed to make things better, faster and easier for everyone to get things done. The payments industry is heating up with two new smart card technology players that are offering consumers the convenience of storing all their cards in one single device. Say goodbye to bulky wallets where one used to keep all their credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards, gift cards and even access cards. That’s a lot of cards!


5 Popular Ecommerce Questions, Their Less Popular Answers & Mistakes To Avoid

With Google updating its search algorithm practically every month, web store owners have not been too sure if what they have been doing all this while is still applicable. And so, here’s a list of question commonly asked by ecommerce merchants.

Google, SEO & Social Media


SEO Won’t Work For An Unheard-of Product. What Then?

When the traffic lights are green

SEO works only if there is search trafficfor terms related to a product. For example, if you use a keyword tool to analyze traffic for the term ‘Nike Free 3.0’, you’d might discover that that term gets a few thousand searches a month.

Now turn back the clock 6 years, before the iPhone came along. If you had done a keyword analysis for the iPhone back then, it would have returned zero results. No one would be searching for it because no one would have ever heard of it. So, in such a case, there is no point using SEO and PPC.


Access Your Google Analytics While On The Go

Last week I mentioned about making full use of Google for your business. While it’s easy to access your Google Analytics account from our InstanteStore’s Admin panel (just link your account by clicking on the Website Statistics button), it would also require you to use either your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to do so. The Google Analytics page has not been optimized for mobile so viewing the live site format on a 4 inch screen can be a bit taxing.


Will Traffic Voodoo Work For Me?

traffic voodoo review

One of the latest super affiliate marketing products that was just launched is Jeff Johnson’s Traffic Voodoo system. If you don’t know Jeff Johnson, he is a very highly sought after search engine optimization (SEO) expert who released the very popular “SEO Traffic Getting” WordPress Plugin. Jeff is always at the cutting edge of SEO tactics. This Traffic Voodoo review will cover what Traffic Voodoo will teach you. Many people are offering all sorts of Traffic Voodoo bonus packages. So, we’ll cover these bonuses later in the article.