3D Printing Technologies Bringing Positive Change

I’m fascinated with the advancement of 3D print technologies. It looks like 3D print technologies is bringing a fresh change to every aspect of business, education, arts, music, medical, design, technology and soon – every day life.

Impressive how the medical field is making use of 3D print technology to help patients heal by creating specific tailor-made orthosis for them that is light, breathable and flexible yet strong enough to help support muscles and bones to heal. This brings a positive change to the medical field as foresee it will soon spill over to other medical equipment and supplies that are being used daily like prosthesis.

The Micro
The Micro

Those that are having the most fun tinkering with 3D print are the technology and design field. The possibilities are endless. Earlier perception was that to own a 3D printer would cost a bundle. But it looks like the first new consumer 3D printer called The Micro will be able to bring 3D printing to any home once production starts rolling and it’s available for purchase.

Kids will be able to have so much more fun printing their own 3D project as they will probably pick up learning the technology quickly.

LIX - lixpen.com
LIX – lixpen.com

Designers who want to break free from using the computer to design anything could opt for LIX, the world’s smallest 3D printing pen in the world. Am sure any artist out there could come up with a masterpiece without being limited to 2D drawings and sketches. Who wouldn’t love a good challenge when it comes to design and art?

The question is, will this technology benefit your business? Or is there some way that you could ride on this new wave to add a boost to your current business? Am sure there’s bound to be many more practical ideas springing up soon. Or what would you like to create if you could get your hands on a 3D printer? Drop us a mail. We’d love to hear how creative you can get.

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