Access Your Google Analytics While On The Go

Last week I mentioned about making full use of Google for your business. While it’s easy to access your Google Analytics account from our InstanteStore’s Admin panel (just link your account by clicking on the Website Statistics button), it would also require you to use either your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to do so. The Google Analytics page has not been optimized for mobile so viewing the live site format on a 4 inch screen can be a bit taxing.

Well, not any more! I recently came across this newly launched app called the Analytics Tile App which will allow you to access your Google Analytics account with your iPhone. Watch the short video below to see how easy it is to use the app allowing you access to your business site’s statistics at your finger tips any time, anywhere.

Pretty neat huh? The app will show you the stats of any of your sites that’s registered under your Google Analytics account. What do I like about it? It’s easy to use, NEAT and simple. And for business owners who are constantly traveling all over the place, knowing what’s happening with your online sites just got a whole lot easier with a few taps on your smartphone screens. It’s currently available from the App Store @ $2.99. Worth checking out if you’re closely monitoring your stats all the time. I wonder when it will be available on Android?

Have a great weekend!

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