Does Your Store Have A Facebook Page?

No? Well it should.

The idea of selling on Facebook isn’t really new. A few years ago, blog shop merchants tried to take advantage of Facebook’s half a billion membership base but were not very successful. This was because back then, shopping on Facebook was not a seamless affair. People went to Facebook to socialize, not to waste precious time shopping, especially if they were doing it during office hours. So the mindset wasn’t right back in the day.

To make matters worse, buying on Facebook required an unbelievable amount of faith. If you saw what you liked on Facebook, you had to contact the merchant in order to get details on how to make payment. If anything were to go awry along the way, you’d be out in the cold. Furthermore, most blog shops or early Facebook shops did not accept credit cards, just direct bank-ins or money transfers. So the actual checkout process could take days. I’ve watched guys on TV having close encounters with wild carnivores that were less risky.

For merchants, the number of products that could be displayed on a single page were also limited. Also, uploading products was not something to look forward to. In the end, the effort put in could not be justified.

But one thing everyone realized was that even though selling on Facebook didn’t really kick off back then, Facebook’s potential as a massive promotion tool was evident thanks to those little ‘Like‘ and ‘Share‘ buttons. With one click, users can let everyone on their Friends List know that they like an item or the whole store itself. With another click, they can let everyone know what they just bought or would like to have. That’s as convenient as it gets.

Here’s a video on how easy it is to setup shop on Facebook with our Social Shop app.

Now with our Social Shop app, both merchants and Facebook users can enjoy the convenience of selling and purchasing on Facebook respectively. Users can shop, share and catch up with their friends and relatives all under one ‘roof’ while still pretending to work.

It’s true that with Facebook, it’s a numbers game because you’re not getting targeted traffic. But the thing is that it’s a ridiculously affordable and convenient way to promote your store and improve your bottom line – more sales – if done properly.

Think about it, with a just few clicks and tweaks of our Facebook store application, your products are up on Facebook. You’ve literally just opened another store.

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