Features Update: How To Improve Conversion And Promote Your Products At The Same Time

Here’s a neat little trick to get people to buy from your store and spread the word on Facebook at the same time.

How Does It Work?
Well, the idea is to leverage that overused Facebook LIKE button to benefit your store. By rewarding those who click the LIKE button on your product page with a discount, you’re giving them a reason to purchase the product as well as share the ‘love‘ with their family and friends.

How Do You Activate This Neat Feature?
I’m not quite sure … Just kidding!

The first thing you need to do is log into your store. Then go to the Feature Activation page. Click on the Product Tab; that will automatically take you to the Products Related Settings section. Look out for Facebook Bookmarking and then check the checkbox to activate it.

Next, click the ‘place your Facebook button‘ link and choose where you’d like the LIKE button to be displayed on your product page. Once that’s done, click the ‘configure your Facebook button‘ link to customize your button and configure your reward.

What are you waiting for? Go try it out!

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