InstanteStore Is Integrated With Google Trusted Stores

Excellent news for merchants who wish to showcase their Google Trusted Store status on their site.

InstanteStore is integrated with Google Trusted Stores.

For merchants who are eligible and who meet Google’s requirement, please let us know and we can have the feature switched on for your store.

Google Trusted Stores is a free certification program for online stores who meet excellent customer service standards and performance requirements.

Merchants who are are certified stand to benefit as they’re able to showcase the Google Trusted Stores badge on their site which will encourage more shoppers to buy from them.

Google Trusted Stores Status

They can display their seller ratings proudly while the Google Trusted Stores status will also show up on their Google Ads.

The aim is to improve shopper confidence about your business and assure them of a great customer experience in order to increase sales.

Of course buyers are more confident to buy from you knowing that your site has met Google’s standards and requirements.

On top of that, the program offers free purchase protection up to $1000 to customers who purchase from your store.

In order to qualify for the purchase protection, online buyers will need to meet the following criteria :

– opt in for the program at the time of online purchase (agree to Google’s terms).

Google Purchase Protection
– provide a valid email account.
– activate the protection by logging into their Google account to create an account profile with Google within 60 days of purchase (Google will send customer the instructions).
– must be over 18 years old.
– be legally capable of agreeing to the program and enter into a binding agreement.
– must NOT be associated with the merchant that they’re purchasing from.
– must not exceed their lifetime protection limit.
– must not be prohibited from participating in the program.

Check out the rest of Google’s terms for buyers located in USA, UK, France and Australia here on the protection Google offers, eligibility and specific requirements.

Worth opting in for buyers if their online purchase is a big sum.

So, what are the requirements for merchants to be eligible for this program?

– available for USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan and Australia merchants.
– 1 account per domain (IF multi-domain, register 1 domain as an individual).
– 80% of transactions record must be initiated from merchant’s site.
– Google may conduct multi-variete tests to all components (icons, logos, messaging, data and other elements).
– merchant’s corporate profile, logos, contact info, URLs, terms of service, privacy policy & return policy must be kept updated.

Restrictions and Performance standards :
* Minimum 600 orders on 90 day rolling basis
* 90% shipments On-Time Delivery
* Must maintain 4.0 star overall ratings
* No more than 1 in 300 protected orders to be escalated to Google
* Customer escalation to be resolve not more than 4 calendar days

If Google’s annual payout for refunds to merchant’s customers exceeds $5000 aggregate on 365 days, merchant’s participation in the program will be suspended or terminated.

Makes sense as Google can’t be paying out large sums to buyers to guarantee your store if you don’t keep up the standard.

Quite a tall order huh?

You’ll need a Google email account to apply.

Once you sign in, just follow the steps and Google will begin to process your application.

Google Trusted Store Application

While not all stores are eligible for this, those that are will stand to benefit in the long term as they have Google’s seal of approval.

If you have any question on the Google Trusted Stores integration, please contact us.

We’re also happy to hear any other questions, feedback and suggestions to help you sell better online.


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