Introducing The InstanteStore Template Split Test

We’re pretty excited to introduce our new template split test feature for all our merchants to try out. The new template split test allows them to gauge how well the template of their store is performing as compared to another or several other templates. Yup, you can choose and customize up to 5 different templates if you want! Decide which ones you want to go live and the system will do the rest.

We’ve taken your feedback to heart when you requested for brand new templates and the flexibility to customize them. Now we’ve added a split test feature to our template system so that you can compare real life results in order to help you make better decisions for your online store.

In case you’re worried that you’ll mess up your store, fret not. Merchants have the option to decide which templates to go live and which ones to stay in Admin mode (not viewable to the public but only to the store administrator).

So if your customers or friends have been complaining that your website looks REALLY OUTDATED, it’s high time to try out some new templates to see which ones will improve the performance of your online sales. Don’t worry as you can always select your old template back (provided you don’t delete them off!).

By the way, we’re not charging for this feature (yet!). It’s our way of helping our merchants sell more when they are able to see the results themselves and make their own decisions on whether to stick with their old template or to use any of our free new templates.

So let us know what you think. We appreciate feedback, questions or suggestions on how we could help you sell more. Here’s a short video on how it works. Till then, happy selling!

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