Increase Your Store’s Average Order Value By Knowing Your Customers Needs

It’s been well documented on this blog that I run and therefore I buy lots of running related gear on line as well as conventional stores. I can tell you that it’s not always about the price, especially when trying something new. It’s most often about the relationship and trust factor.

It does not take much for me to try something new at a brick and mortar store I frequent. All the manager has to say is – “Hey, Desmond! Try these new luminous green and yellow race socks; all the pro runners are using it.” – and I’m sold.

It’s not that easy with online stores but I’ve been to a few web stores where you can see that they really put some thought in getting into their customers heads.

Here’s an example. What do runners usually buy? Shoes. Socks. Apparel. But they do not always buy them all at once. If you want to increase per order value, you have to create a need for the products you want to cross sell.

I visited a sports store a few weeks ago and on their product pages there were image links calling attention to topics of interest to runners – how to prevent “insert injury here”, how to recover from injury and how to run faster, among other things.

The links would lead to articles and videos that will deliver on the promise. That part of it is very important because if you can deliver on a promise, you build trust. And once you build trust, if you recommend a product, the chances of them buying is higher.

So from just buying a shoe, a shopper could find in his cart a resistance band for strengthening muscles to prevent injury; ice packs, foam rollers and trigger point balls for recovery; and a GPS watch with a virtual partner to help runners improve their times.

Stores selling beauty products have turned increasing the average order value into an art form. They started with selling products that maintain looks. Then, they’d sell products to improve looks. After that, they’ll sell products to prevent certain looks. And finally, the started selling products that change looks. Which is why beauty products always come in a set.

So, if you want to boost the average order value of your store, think about how to really add value to what you’re selling. Just keep in mind that your customers might not share the same ideas as you when it comes to what is of value. If you have know idea, why don’t you ask them.

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