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Hello people!

I bet most of you are all caught up with the Olympics right now. I know everyone at our office is. Yesterday, all the pantry talk was about the fiasco at the women’s fencing event. At lunch just now, we talked about chess becoming an Olympic sporting event in the future and the absurdity of chess players undergoing blood and urine tests for doping.

I digress.  My bad.

Right. As you know, we’ve been creating attractive free ecommerce templates which are more contemporary in design. Feedback has been relatively good. But we’ve also been getting very good suggestions. Lots of “could you do this” or “could you make it look more like that.”

We really appreciate the input and the effort you guys put in to help us create better online store templates. 🙂

Anyway, we figured why not get more people in on this so we came up with the idea of Template Tuesdays. All you have to do is post on InstanteStore’s Facebook page a website example or template that you think looks cool. We’ll pick one ‘inspiration’ every Tuesday, have our designers work some mojo on it and turn it into one of our free ecommerce templates by the end of the week.

We had a pretty nice suggestion from Ms Camilla Walton so we decided to kick off Template Tuesdays with it. Besides, our designers are ‘trigger’ happy so this was a great way to give them their fix.

Your Jewellery Template

Like it? It’ll be implemented by the end of next week.

As usual, please feel free to leave comments of suggestions.



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