Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Product Selection Tips

Christmas is just a few months away. It’s that time of year when people start deciding which secure ecommerce shopping cart to set up shop with. But choosing a shopping cart is just one of the many decisions that entrepreneurs have to make. Everyone wants to jump on the secure ecommerce shopping cart bandwagon but not many know what to do once they are on it.

In previous posts, we have covered how having the services of a drop shipper can make life very easy for ecommerce newbies. But drop shippers have many diverse items in their inventories. So the question still remains, “Which product should I sell?”

In this post we shall present a simple guide that will help you choose what products to sell.

Many web store owners attend to their stores from the comfort of their homes after their 9 to 5 jobs are done for the day. Many of these people do not have the time or the resources to keep abreast with or capitalize on the latest market trends or fads. Here are some of the best free shopping cart software suggestions for what to sell on your store:


The hottest thing on the planet right now is the iPhone 4. Since only Apple and AT&T can sell the iPhone 4 (for now), the next best thing is to sell iPhone accessories such as bumpers, cases, headsets, speakers, docks, wallets and other accessories linked to the product that some people claim embodies the current zeitgeist.

Do you know of the shoe brand Crocs? What about those little accessories kids used to decorate those shoes with? In cases like these, accessories are hotter sellers than the actual “main” items.

If you look around, you’ll notice that there are accessories for everything. Here are a few examples:

Running shoes – antimicrobial insoles, quick tie laces, gators, arch supports and quick dry socks

Bicycles – Aerodynamic handle mounted water containers, camelbaks, car racks and cargo trailers

Motorcycles – Tank protectors, GPS holders, steering dampers and side hardbags


Products that appeal to a person’s vanity are usually hot sellers. Anything that suggests that it can make people look younger, appear slimmer and fairer, build bigger muscles and grow more scalp hair seems to have an ever expanding market.

However, be careful when selling products with chemicals. Many products on the market claim to be hypoallergenic but there have been cases that involve adverse reaction to these products. One shopping cart tip you should take is to be sure you include a disclaimer on your website, especially on the check out page, to protect yourself against lawsuits if you choose to sell such products.


While vanity products may attract more women than men, vehicle related performance products seem to attract those with higher testosterone levels. Guys can’t seem to get enough of rings of Saturn sized rims, road roller wide tires, deafening exhaust and audio systems, mouse pad thick sport bike seats and of course garish stickers with slogans that are pretty much incomprehensible to those not in the know.

Vehicle performance products can be broken down into various niche categories. These niches can range from performance parts for (different varieties of) bicycles to muscle cars, and are potentially a very lucrative market.


I once read that if you can’t sell fish, then sell fishing nets. You might actually end up making more that way.

Well that’s the end of this edition of Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Product Selection Tips. Let us know if you have any ideas on how to pick products to sell. We’d love to hear from you.

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