Free Shopping Cart Features Tip: Benefits Of Product Reviews

While doing keyword research, especially for products, some of you may have noticed that the hottest or most searched terms usually end with the word review or reviews. In this installment of Free Shopping Cart Features Tip, we will be looking at the benefits of product reviews, where you can source product reviews and how to write balanced product reviews that evaluate your products critically while focusing on their strengths.

Some people buy on impulse while others need a little convincing. It’s for the latter group where reviews can have the most impact on a web store. It is not surprising why Amazon posts as many product reviews as it possibly can, even negative ones. In fact, slotting in a couple of negative comments among the dozens of positive ones helps give some credibility to the overall authenticity of the reviews as a whole.


Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Product Selection Tips

Christmas is just a few months away. It’s that time of year when people start deciding which secure ecommerce shopping cart to set up shop with. But choosing a shopping cart is just one of the many decisions that entrepreneurs have to make. Everyone wants to jump on the secure ecommerce shopping cart bandwagon but not many know what to do once they are on it.

In previous posts, we have covered how having the services of a drop shipper can make life very easy for ecommerce newbies. But drop shippers have many diverse items in their inventories. So the question still remains, “Which product should I sell?”

In this post we shall present a simple guide that will help you choose what products to sell. (more…)

Shopping Cart Software Review Of Keyword Strategies

As many of you may already know, Google has changed the way it ranks sites and pages based on long tail queries. Each year, Google changes its algorithm up to 500 times. Which is why we think it’s time that we post a shopping cart software review of keyword strategies.

The obsession with long tail keywords might lead one down the road of garrulous passages of tedium. People get so engrossed with the use of long tail keywords that they forget about the importance of quality content. So we hope that with these few quick shopping cart tips, merchants will get a better idea of how to best write content to promote their stores.


Secure Ecommerce Shopping Cart Abandonment Rates Rising

There’s a reason why continues to invest so much effort in tracking customer behavior on its site. You can bet your bottom dollar that every little tweak that makes to its site is because it thinks each change will impact sales in a positive manner and curb secure ecommerce shopping cart abandonment rates. If there’s one thing we can learn from, it’s that it’s important to continuously  adapt to changing customer trends.

A recent survey by Forrester has shown that up to 88% of consumers have abandoned secure ecommerce shopping carts during the checkout process. The reasons are far removed from those we addressed a while back in a previous post. This time around, it’s not a lengthy checkout process or lack of certain features that’s turning customers away: It’s (hidden) cost.


Ecommerce Shopping Carts – Ideas For FIFA 2010 World Cup

Football fans started buying their favorite national team jerseys as soon as the teams they support qualified for the World Cup Finals in South Africa. Teams from 32 countries will take part in the World Cup. The “traditional” World Cup heavyweights such as Brazil, Germany, Argentina, France, England, Spain and Italy have loads of fans the world over from nations who did not qualify as well. To try to take advantage of this huge event, we present a few quick shopping cart ideas for owners of ecommerce shopping carts stores in this post.

Attendance in South Africa will be in the millions but billions more will be following it from home. As a show of solidarity for their beloved teams, fans around the world will be seen donning the jerseys of their favorite teams jerseys come June.

Even before the end of the Winter Olympics, ecommerce shopping carts sports, gifts and souvenir related stores dedicated a few pages each to the FIFA World Cup that’s coming up in a few months. There’s even a merchant selling home products who’s already promoting World Cup related beddings and toiletries. This just goes to show that if you know what your market wants and you market your product well, the likelihood of success is high.


Got An Online Business Opportunity? Here’s Why You Should Take It.

There are reasons why more and more people are starting up web stores. Every year more than half a million people in the US alone set up new small  businesses regardless of the economic situation. And these figures do not include the many more who work from their homes either part-time or full-time.

“Being an entrepreneur is all about risk and innovation, not timing the market.”Jason Shellen, former Google employee