Sell Creatively To Boost Sales

Selling could become so mundane at times that you need to draw some inspiration from others to ‘think out of the box’ to have a breakthrough.

Well I came across this short video showing how 7-Eleven in Australia creatively boost sales for their favorite product – the Slurpee.

They certainly made full use of social media like Facebook to help spread the word.

Click on the Slurpee image to view the video and I’m sure you’ll enjoy watching it. Just let it load completely before you play it.

Now, coming back to your store or business, what would REALLY APPEAL to your customers that will get THEM to help spread the word about your site OR products? This requires some serious marketing planning that won’t make you end up losing money or business in the long run. Don’t forget that with social media, good news spread really FAST. And bad news spread DOUBLY FAST!

The Slurpee video showed how successful 7-Eleven Australia pulled off their BYO Cup sales campaign. And if not mistaken, 7-Eleven will normally give out free slushies on their birthday (11th July) which you could check from their Facebook (depending on which country you’re from).

Competition is so stiff these days that you need to be really creative when selling your products – especially for smaller business owners who can’t compete with price slashing the big retail giants work with. With the internet and the rapid growth of social media, there’s definitely creative selling opportunities everywhere.

Previously when selling your home, you don’t see home owners going online and listing it on directory or even on Facebook itself! However, these days it’s a pretty common trend.  In fact I bought my home directly off an internet listing some 6 years ago without first going to a real estate agent. So perhaps you would need to throw in something even more to get traffic through to your home these days – an interesting headline about throwing in season tickets to a basketball or baseball game to the new home owner might just make the difference! Of course that might not guarantee the sale of your home but at least you have captured the audience’s attention and with a fantastic home, it will do the rest.

Another new trend that is catching on really fast is none other than Mobile Apps. Get your customers to download your app to their mobile devices. Almost everyone around seem to own a smart phone these days. We found an interesting video about how popular Greek chocolate maker Lacta managed to make waves with their own mobile app which is available for people to download on their Facebook page. Click on the image to watch the short Lacta video.

Still about mobile apps, here’s an idea to restaurant owners everywhere. I am just thinking that a mobile app will definitely work wonders for your business. Think about how easily your customers can make a reservation at your restaurant and allow for them to select the table that they want. You can even have your lunch and dinner menu readily available for them to order. And since you already do know when your customers will be arriving and what food they have ordered, your kitchen no longer needs to be in chaotic state because you can go ahead and prepare and plan what needs to be done for the night already! Moving it one step further, your customers can take a picture of the food and post up a review of the food right there and then and have it posted on Facebook to share it with all their friends. Now surely that is a very powerful and creative way of marketing your restaurant!

So how do you plan SELL CREATIVELY to boost your store’s sales next year? We’d love to hear some of your ideas. Let us know your ideas – share it with us. The most creative one of it all will have our full support in helping you create the customization (if any!) that is required to get your creative plan moving along…. Start putting on your thinking cap and get those creative juice working!

Before I sign off, here’s wishing all of you readers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012!








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