Messenger Bot Funnels: How to Nurture Prospects Toward a Sale

There are definitely ways in which someone can increase their chances of making a sale. It comes down to how bad you want to make the sale and what measures you are willing to go to in order to do so. Some people are different than others. To make a sale involving a bot, one must channel all attention to their particular product. When marketing this product, it is important to be honest in all dealings.

Key Takeaways:

  • As a tool to boost sales, messenger bots have some impressive metrics in their corner, including a 60% click through rate.
  • Bot funnels are essentially similar to email funnels, just that they make use of messenger instead.
  • Since almost all of one’s prospects are apt use Facebook messenger, using messenger bots is just logical.

“To explore what you need to know about setting up a successful funnel using Messenger bots, I interview Mary Kathryn Johnson”

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3 Easy Website-Personalization Tricks That Will Boost Your Conversion Rates

Even if your site is awesome and chock-a-block with great and relevant content that users are fascinated by and find useful, you may still be alienating a portion of those that land on your web pages. Why? Just because your content is ‘all that’ doesn’t tell the entire story. People landing upon your site are there for a specific purpose, everything they see should relate to that goal. It’s called personalization. And, while it’s great to have personalized content, if the ads and other promos etc. are about irrelevant subjects that have nothing to say or offer respective of the goals of those landing on the page than some landing and potential leads are going to get lost. So, along with the content, it’s important to personalize the shopping options. In fact, close to half of those surveyed said they would buy from retailers that personalized their shopping across the board. Business owners are realizing the need for this, as more than two-thirds believe that real-time personalization is where the money is. Conversion-specific design elements, like widgets can target landing users based on a number of important factors such as, location, devices the user has and past visits to the site. Using product recommendation engines, for example, allows gathering of users online behavior so that sites can generate ads specific to what they have shown interest in already. Retargeting campaigns that only go after those that have already shown interest in an offering is another great way to achieve conversion from interest to lead. The more site owners target the specific interest of each landing visitor the better their conversion rates will be.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can run special promotions for your client that are triggered according to the date, time, or the site visitor’s location.
  • Use product recommendation engines that are based on algorithms that track your visitors’ online behavior.
  • Keep in mind that your potential customers place a higher value on what interests them personally.

“According to a study released by Janrain, 74 percent of online consumers surveyed said they were frustrated with websites that show content in the form of ads, offers and promotions that aren?t related to their personal interests. What this means is that you?re alienating your site visitors every time you let an irrelevant offer pop up on their screen.”

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What I learned from Flipkart

Walmart recently acquired Flipkart. Oliver Rippel learned many things during his time as the company’s board director and recently divulged some secrets. Flipkart was the first company to offer more selections and categories through its marketplace, provide warehouse options, and employ their own delivery service. Although they were known for serving India mostly, they also thought globally with events like Big Billion Day. They employed robust and innovative industry leaders who knew the local scene well but could think big also.

Key Takeaways:

  • Flipkart was a massive success story for a short period of time before it faded away.
  • If you catch people’s attention, you can definitely go viral rather quickly.
  • There are many lessons that can be learned from things like Flipkart and how it got so successful.

“In addition to the obvious financial success ? a 3.6x or $1.6 billion absolute return in six years ? being part of one of the greatest success stories of the Indian and global e-commerce market led to countless insights for Naspers.”

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Google’s lifesaving Undo Send feature comes to Gmail for Android

Google has offered an Undo Send feature to its users for a while now. This specific feature allows used to have, at least, 10 seconds to “undo” an emails sent on accident, etc. This feature has been present on Google’s Inbox app but for the Gmail mobile client, it has not been available. Now Android users will have this feature available in the new Gmail version 8.7. The Android Police warn users that the feature may not be present at first, but restarting the app should resolve the issue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gmail’s 8.7 version for android is slated to incorporate Google’s undo send feature, which is already available to web users.
  • The undo send feature didn’t become an officially listed Gmail feature until 2015.
  • The Android Police, which ran the story about the 8.7 implementation of the feature, notes that may have to restart their Gmail even if they have an 8.7 version.

“It works by implementing a time delay on sent emails to let you rescind them within 10 seconds if you happened to impulsively fire it out with an error in plain sight.”

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Apple’s MacBook Air successor will reportedly have slim bezels and high-res Retina display

The MacBook Air is going to get a successor soon, this according to Bloomberg. Besides having a slimmer price tag and streamlined bezels, the newest Apple incarnation will have a high-res Retina display. The Air’s take two has been a long time coming because Apple has been giving its love and time to its pricier models, specifically the 12 inch MacBook and the MacBook Pro. Air has been considered a sort of educator/poor-man’s model, worth leaving on the bottom shelf for those on straitened means, but not necessarily worth updating. It could be that Apple is recognizing that the Air and other less prestigious models have loyal followers that should be thrown the occasional bone. To that end, Apple has further plans to upgrade the also long-languished Mac Mini, miniature desktop model. New processing and storage upgrades will arrive with a heftier price tag. But, that’s because Apple realizes that Mini users have been multi-tasking on the Mini for some time now and deserve to be able to do so more efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

  • The new incarnation has been on the back-burner while Apple has been putting its energy into its 12 inch MacBook and MacBook Pro lines.
  • Some have suggested that the far less expensive Air laptop was relegated to the bottom shelf by Apple as a model that attracted mainly educators and pinch-pennies.
  • Mini Mac, Apple’s miniature desktop model has also been gathering dust and will be soon given an overhaul.

“Apple is nearing the release of a long-awaited, completely redesigned successor to its MacBook Air laptop, according to Bloomberg.”

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The 8 Instagram Accounts With the Most Followers — And What Marketers Can Learn From Them

Instagram is absolutely massive today. Facebook got an unbelievable deal when they bought Instagram for $1 billion back in 2012. Now, there are some accounts and people on Instagram that garner an absolute ransom for one singular post on their Instagram accounts. It is hard to tell which is the most valuable accounts but the power that some of these celebrities have is absolutely incredible. The soccer player from Portugal and Selena Gomez are two of the biggest.

Key Takeaways:

  • Instagram is a huge marketing tool for many companies in today’s culture.
  • Jenner has an incredible reach of followers on her own Instagram and she can charge a lot.
  • Celebrities have incredible power in the world of marketing and people try to get them to promote.

“Instagram?s popularity lets most brands forge an emotional connection with a massive audience, and some brands are so good at visually engaging and resonating with Instagram users that they?ve attracted tens of millions of followers.”

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7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Clicks on Your Content

To get more clicks on your content, you must be diligent and very smart in how you promote. There is a lot of opportunity in today’s market to get people to view your content. However, it is difficult to draw the line between click bait and actual relevant content. Too many people that are streaming videos, or posts, use ridiculous headlines or photos to get viewers to think they are viewing something completely different than what they are actually showing.

Key Takeaways:

  • Having people visit your content is just the first step in the battle to gain followers.
  • You have to be smart but more importantly, you need relevant information.
  • Marketing is not as straight up as it used to be anymore because people are getting smarter.

“Headlines that leverage the curiosity gap are specific enough to connect with the reader, but not so specific that they fulfill the reader?s epistemic curiosity ? their desire to learn something new and get that pleasure rush.”

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3 Marketing Podcasts You Absolutely Need To Listen To If You Want To Grow Your Business

To ensure you constantly learn tested and proven marketing strategies and techniques, you want to make sure you listen to the 3 podcasts below.

1) Call To Action

Call to Action is a show about remarkable online marketing success stories and how you can apply the lessons to your own marketing campaigns. You can expect candid interviews with digital marketing professionals and thought leaders featured on the Unbounce blog, actionable tips, actionable tips for improving your conversion rates and exclusive offers for marketing optimization tools, events and resources. Every Wednesday, hear experts in the digital marketing field talk about Conversion Rate Optimization, Pay Per Click Marketing, A/B Testing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Landing Page Optimization and more!

2) Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner offers a weekly video show, two weekly audio podcasts, and a weekly live video talk show to help boost your marketing skills and keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing world of social media.

3) Marketing Over Coffee

Exactly like what its name says, Marketing Over Coffee is a show that’s recorded in a local coffee shop each week featuring experts on topics like B2B Facebook Retargeting, latest Google marketing tips and more.