Google’s lifesaving Undo Send feature comes to Gmail for Android

Google has offered an Undo Send feature to its users for a while now. This specific feature allows used to have, at least, 10 seconds to “undo” an emails sent on accident, etc. This feature has been present on Google’s Inbox app but for the Gmail mobile client, it has not been available. Now Android users will have this feature available in the new Gmail version 8.7. The Android Police warn users that the feature may not be present at first, but restarting the app should resolve the issue.

Key Takeaways:

  • Gmail’s 8.7 version for android is slated to incorporate Google’s undo send feature, which is already available to web users.
  • The undo send feature didn’t become an officially listed Gmail feature until 2015.
  • The Android Police, which ran the story about the 8.7 implementation of the feature, notes that may have to restart their Gmail even if they have an 8.7 version.

“It works by implementing a time delay on sent emails to let you rescind them within 10 seconds if you happened to impulsively fire it out with an error in plain sight.”

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