Don’t Want Socks For Christmas again? Try Sending A Wish List

Christmas is just around the corner. Both merchants and shoppers alike are already excited. Merchants look forward to an increase in sales and shoppers looks forward to their yearly “therapy” sessions. Although I doubt the pandemonium last minute shoppers and bargain hunters create at offline stores can be deemed therapeutic … This could explain why more and more people shop online.

We’ve already put up articles on store preparation and marketing ideas for the holiday season. But there are still one or two ideas we would like you to try to help you boost sales. Different merchants experience different degrees of success with different ideas because of varying store and customer dynamics. Our suggestions should help as they’re all geared to help merchants improve sales.

For many people, the holidays are a time when family and friends meet and recall embarrassing childhood stories over turkey and eggnog. For others, it’s a time to dread because Santa left them a flannel shirt (in the wrong size, of course) instead of the latest Wii game under the Christmas tree.

Super Shopping Cart Storefront Tip

All this unnecessary heartache and disappointment can be easily avoided with the use of a simple easy to use ecommerce shopping cart tool called a Wish List. Sadly, not many merchants promote this feature enough, which in turn restricts them from getting even more sales and it also deprives visitors of the opportunity of getting gifts that they really want.

From A Visitor’s Point Of View

A wish list solves the problem of getting the intended recipient something they might not want because:

  1. They already have it.
  2. It reminds them of something or someone they’d like to forget.
  3. They just plain don’t like it. Ouch!

A wish list also benefits the giver because:

  1. They know they didn’t waste their time or money getting the wrong gift.
  2. They can avoid that awkward moment when the recipient unwraps the present and says, “Oh, wow! Thanks!”, but with that classic facial expression that says something else altogether. Uh-oh.
  3. They know that when the recipient says, “Oh, wow! Thanks!”, they really mean it.

From A Merchant’s Point Of View

  1. It’s another way to gauge the popularity of items and you can tailor-make marketing campaigns to suit certain groups or individuals.
  2. If Wish Lists are promoted properly, they could be a fantastic way to advertise a store and its products. People generally shop where their friends shop online.
  3. It keeps current visitors and customers interested in the store while introducing it to new ones.

As mentioned earlier, the Wish List is an easy to use ecommerce shopping cart feature. If you see a product you like, click on it. Once on the particular product page, hit the “Save to Wish List” button. Visitors just need to fill out a simple registration form so they can take full advantage of this feature, e.g. forwarding the list to friends. This feature comes built-in with InstanteStore so you don’t need to go around looking for free shopping cart software scripts for Wish Lists.

Merchants can also prepare special Wish List promotions such as: If a customer purchases 3 items from the list on a single receipt, shipping is on the house. The tie-in and promotion ideas are almost endless. The sooner you promote this simple feature, the sooner you can reap the benefits.

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