Website Shopping Cart Common Mistake To Avoid

If you want to be in Google’s good books then there is one website shopping cart mistake that you must avoid – content duplication. To Google, content duplication is akin to plagiarism. And that’s a big NO in Google’s book.

How Does Google Detect Duplicate Content?

When Google bots visit a website shopping cart page, they take a look at the content and do a quick comparison. If Google detects too many similarities with existing content on another page, it will disregard the content on the new page. This means all the SEO work on the new page will be for naught.

Where Do Merchants Usually Make This Website Shopping Cart Mistake?

Many merchants make this website shopping cart mistake unknowingly. This mistake usually happens when merchants create different pages for a product with several options, i.e. a product with different colors. Even though the product is available in different colors, the product description stays more or less the same with the only change appearing in the product images. When Google visits those pages, it will only recognize just one page – usually the oldest – and disregard the rest. Additionally, SEO-wise, it is not a good idea to use the same primary keyword on several pages.

How Should Merchants Remedy This?

The easiest way for a merchant to remedy this is to use the readily available ecommerce solution shopping cart software feature called Product Customization Options. Only one product page needs to be created, with options used to represent all the available colors. Each option can have its own additional image to show the product in the selected color.

Exceptions In The Name Of SEO

There are times when a merchant may choose to create separate pages for different product options for SEO reasons. For example, when the primary keyword being targeted contains a specific option name, e.g. Red (Blue, Green) Nike Men’s Off Road Shoe. Since the main keyword is usually used in the title, merchants would probably want to create individual pages to accommodate those keywords.

In such cases, make sure the content on each of those option pages are significantly different. Do not just rearrange the content by shifting lines or paragraphs around. This does not do any good. You have to reword or rephrase at least 50% of the content.


Even though content duplication is a common website shopping cart mistake, it can be easily rectified by a simple feature. It may not be the best free shopping cart software feature around, but it gets the job done.

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