Have You Got The Year Planned Out?

Hope all of you had a good time celebrating Valentine’s Day. For those in the States, the recent President’s Day weekend would have been a good holiday break. Speaking of holidays, it’s always good to plan the whole year out for your online business. Like WHEN to put your store on SALE, new PRODUCT launches and special OFFERS. It’s also vital that you have Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas marked early so that you will have a better plan on what to offer during those hectic sale seasons.

iPhoneFor new merchants, this will also give you an idea on WHAT and WHEN to purchase your stock. Your suppliers may offer a better deal depending on the season that you buy from them. If you’re selling clothing, you need to get your Spring range ready and to start clearing the Winter clothing line.  You would also need to do the same if you are offering electronic goods. All these require some research on pricing and product launch dates.

For instance, everyone is waiting in anticipation for the latest techno gadget announcement to see what new models of smartphones and tablets will be rolling out by March namely from the Big A – a new iPad3 or the eagerly awaited iPhone5? Or will Samsung announce a better smartphone model since it has already flooded the market with so many different sized tablets and phones?

That way, you have some crucial time to clear your current stock as everyone will want to get their hands on the latest model once it is announced and you wouldn’t want to be left with outdated stuff in your inventory. The same goes for clothing, accessories, household items and shoes.

Another BIGGIE that’s happening this year would be the 2012 Summer Olympics in London which will kick off on 27th July. I’m sure you’ll all be rooting for your home team to bag some gold medals! See if you could support your home team and country by creatively displaying them on your site. In fact, you could even have an OLYMPIC SEASON SALE if your store is selling any sports equipment, products, food stuff, cosmetics,etc.

I’m sure our UK customers will be having an AWESOME time come July. It’s also an opportunity to SELL MORE during then. Remember those annoying VUVUZELAS that were sold during the 2010 World Cup in South Africa? Merchants made a tonne selling those horns since everyone was caught up with the excitement of the games.

So what’s going to be the HOT items on sale that everyone will want to grab for the Olympics? Put on your thinking cap and start planning. This is going to be an exciting year! Don’t forget to get the word out on your store’s Facebook and Twitter to let your customers know. Happy selling!


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