You Might Be Losing Thousands Of Dollars Because Of This Silly Mistake

I was just reading an article on about giving customers a buying experience they can’t resist. And right before that I was looking at marketing campaigns of a few companies. I looked at their ads on search results pages, re-marketing ads and call-to-action (CTA) elements on their sites.

Although I found some of the copy very enticing, I noticed that a few of those companies made it rather difficult for me to actually buy their products. That pretty much slammed the brakes on my buying mood.


3 Reasons Why Amazon Looks The Way It Does And Gets Away With It

Busy Online Store Front Page

Many merchants try to make their stores look and work like Amazon or a competitor’s site without knowing exactly why those sites look and function the way they do. Copying a look or function without knowing the purpose of it could just be a waste of resources. Having a function just because it looks cool may not necessarily result in more sales.

Amazon, for instance, looks and functions the way it does because of a few reasons.


5 Popular Ecommerce Questions, Their Less Popular Answers & Mistakes To Avoid

With Google updating its search algorithm practically every month, web store owners have not been too sure if what they have been doing all this while is still applicable. And so, here’s a list of question commonly asked by ecommerce merchants.

Google, SEO & Social Media


Product Videos – Use This Little Tip To Help Boost Sales

Call-To-Action in Video

Thanks to faster internet speeds and better phone cameras, videos have become easier to shoot and less of a hassle to view.

Well thought-out videos, which are both short yet informative, have played a major role in taking sales figures up a couple of notches. Videos which address common customer concerns also help reduce customer inquiry thus reducing the work load. This is much appreciated by those running their web stores all by themselves.

I’ve already covered how to create videos here.

There are many types of video ideas which you can use and it all depends on the product which you are selling and where you’d like to share those videos.


How To Create And Use Videos For Your Store

Sony video camera

Videos are fantastic tools to help you garner a dedicated following, improve your authority ratings, turn your page into a resource and help you sell your products.

In this post, we’ll look at:

  1. The tools needed to create videos
  2. Uploading your videos to YouTube
  3. Sharing videos
  4. Using videos made by others

You do not have to be Steven Spielberg to make useful, entertaining and effective videos. All you need is a simple though-out plan, a decent video camera and a couple of other tools listed below. Naturally, you’re not going to be able to make videos with full-blown CGI effects displayed in Pacific Rim. But fret not if you have actors who are not able to display emotion in front of the camera; look how much Twilight made at the box office. 😉


Quick Guide To Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool

Look of shock on whitewater rafting dog

How many of you had that exact look when you looked up Google’s Keyword Tool and was presented with the Keyword Planner instead?

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool has been like family to many merchants and SEO experts for about 13 years. Many are still be shock at the demise of this wonderful yet free tool. Maybe ‘Demise’ is too harsh of a term since, in the ‘Google Keyword Planner Tool’, Google has actually combined their legendary keyword tool with their traffic estimator.


Why Isn’t My Store Ranking On Google Search Results?

News Flash for Newbies! Your store is not the only one on the web. It’s true. There are thousands of others which were there way before yours. And all of them are trying to get on the first page of search results so if you’re expecting to see your store on the first page within a few months then you need to bring it down your expectation level a couple of notches unless you…

Pay For Traffic (Pay Per Click)
Paid ads are an easy and possibly a good way to get your site’s link on the first page of search results. But use this method only if you’ve done your research on which keywords convert and which do not. Otherwise you could be looking at lots of traffic headed your way but with no sales to show for it. You could end up burning a hole on your pocket.

Here are a couple of articles to give you a heads-up on this.