Is Your Facebook Getting Really Boring?

A lot of businesses currently have a Facebook and a Twitter account as a minimum. Those who are more into social will definitely have a Pinterest account along with LinkedIn to have a more social presence online. Now it’s one thing to have all these social accounts. It’s a completely different ball game in making sure that you have people liking your site, following you and sharing your postings.

Since Facebook is still the largest form of social media at the moment (with a whopping 1.11 billion users as of March 31st 2013), you’d want to make sure that your company’s Facebook account is alive and well. Yes, it takes time to run an online business. So please schedule in some time to spice up your Facebook account to keep it interesting.

While free services like are very helpful to post out your blogs to your social media accounts (click here to see my previous posting on it), you still need to add some good quality content on your own Facebook. Otherwise, it will look like it keeps getting all the forwarded stuff.

Credit : Facebook Tiny Prints Posting

Remember to keep it fresh. So if it’s getting really boring, please start by adding some nice images that will capture people’s attention. These images could be related to the product that you are selling. Or they could be completely humorous or funny images or sayings that you have come across. Have a balance mixture of good quality images and news content about your online business. Do a fun online survey. Add in special offers with those image postings.

Making your product images more relevant will help tremendously. Like if you’re selling apparel, have a model wear your apparel and post a picture of it. This helps people relate more to your product. Really good pictures will make the viewer want to find out more about the products or it will attract their attention to immediately want to buy it.

Remember to do the same for the other social media accounts like Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn to keep them fresh.

Before I forget, here’s wishing all our American friends a Happy 4th of July as they celebrate Independence Day.

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