Offer Discount Coupons For Father’s Day 2013

Father’s Day 2013 is just around the corner. Hope you’ve all gotten your promotions set up along with some awesome gift suggestions for dads. Don’t forget to factor in something for grandfathers and would-be-fathers as well. And of course, it’s always a great time to take advantage of the sales and promos that are happening now to get a little something for your brother, boyfriend, fiancee and hubby.

While the usual newsletters and front page image promotions are great, what would help get the word out faster would be to share through social media. Offer some coupon codes via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even YouTube so that customers could get a discount when they shop at your store. You could also put up these discount coupon codes on your company’s LinkedIn account.

It’s a pretty straightforward process to generate a discount coupon with our solution. Here’s the rundown in slides :

Don’t forget to test out your discount coupon codes properly with various products on your store before you let it go live. Also remember to check whether you have any other promotional coupons or gift vouchers that are still circulating out there which customers could use in combination with your discount code.

You could also choose to send out these codes to your loyal customers via email as a way to appreciate them. Some merchants may opt to even place the codes on their store’s front page and blog. Since Father’s Day 2013 falls on 16th of June, better get the word out fast. And before I forget, here’s wishing all fathers out there an early Happy Father’s Day. Enjoy the celebrations!

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