Twitter Allow Users To Make Purchases

Twitter Buy Button

Twitter is currently rolling out tests which will allow users to make purchases from some of their test partners. Bear in mind that this is only the initial stage and is open to a specific number of US users (the rest of us will just have to wait a wee bit longer). Now before you moan and groan over the fact that tweets will now turn into massive sale offers and that your Twitter account will be bombarded by products, rest assure that only certain tweets from these test partners will carry a Buy button. And it’s only for specific products that they claim can’t be bought from anywhere else.

The idea is to make the online payment process to be as simple and easy as possible with only a few taps on your mobile. If this takes off well, more partners will be happy to jump in since this is an excellent opportunity for businesses to offer limited or special edition products to their followers.

To get an idea on how it works, check out the short video :



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