Need Some Help With Twitter For Your Business?

Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are a blessing in disguise for many online businesses. While some may enjoy posting updates every day, others may loathe it thinking that it takes up too much of their time.  However, if you’re still clueless on how to get things running, here’s a brief rundown on what you can do with your Twitter account for your business.

Sign Up & Manage Different Twitter & Facebook accounts
If you have multiple business websites, it would be wise to have a Twitter account for each business segment. Now before you moan and groan about the thought of having to maintain more than one Twitter or Facebook account, help is on the way in the form of this service called TweetDeck ( which will allow you to manage multiple Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as schedule tweets for posting. In short, you can see all your Twitter and Facebook accounts in one single interface so it’s easier for you to decide which accounts to post what and when.

Customize Your Settings
Now you wouldn’t want your Twitter account to look mundane and boring right? While there’s a range of Designs for you to choose from under Settings, it would be BETTER to have your own unique custom design created. Just like how your own business site has its own unique look and feel, so you may want to personalize your Twitter account the same way in terms of layout and design.

Shorten & Track Your URL links With Bitly
Just like an sms, Twitter allows limited character count in a tweet. So 140 characters per tweet is not much especially if you have a really long URL which chomps up precious character count. Bitly ( offers a free URL shortening service where you can paste any URL on their site to get a shortened version of it. Creating a free account with Bitly will enable you to track on who’s clicking your links, from which link they are coming from and the time they clicked on it. View these info easily by clicking on Stats once you’ve got your account set up and links added (they’re called Bitmarks). You could even post directly to your Twitter and Facebook account from there. By the way, the Bitly app is available for download from the App Store for FREE.

Searching For People To Follow
Choosing to follow the right people could result in more people following you back. Now you may be at a loss on who to follow since there are tonnes of people and businesses on Twitter. You could start by searching for people or businesses based on area (your city or nearby cities), topics and stuff that you’re interested in. If you need help looking for categories or the hottest news links to get started, you could go to Find something that is relevant to your business and what you think may interest your customers to re-tweet. Of course please add in a few personal tweets about your new products or upcoming sale with your URL. Rule of thumb – keep your tweets short, sweet and straight to the point with relevant and useful information as no one wants to receive spam tweets.

Direct Message, Reply Or Re-tweets?
In Twitter, you have the option of sending Direct Messages to people who are following you (like a private email). But when you hover over the tweets, replying or re-tweeting any of them is completely visible to everyone. When you re-tweet someone’s tweet, Twitter will also alert them.

Link Your Twitter Feed
Be sure to add a link to your Twitter page on your business website and email. Most people are familiar with Twitter’s logo so when they click on it on your site, they can instantly view your Twitter feed. For businesses that rely heavily on email communication, you could add a “Follow Me On Twitter” link at the bottom of your email.

That’s about it. Try it out and get connected with more people and businesses out there. And to all our American friends, here’s wishing you a Happy Independence Day!

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