New InstanteStore App Upgrades

Hello everyone! We’ve been getting feedback about our InstanteStore App and our developers have been hard at work making the necessary changes to it. The new upgrades include an enhanced interface making the dashboard, product page, customer and order page look better.


Instantetore App Order And Customer
InstanteStore App Order And Customer

Merchants can now easily add up to 4 product images in the product page by selecting from their mobile phone photos or they can take a photo of their product instantly. The product fields have all been simplified making it faster and more convenient for merchants to enter in their product details.

InstanteStore App Add Product
InstanteStore App Add Product

Merchants who are constantly on the go will be pleased to know that we’ve added phone notifications to the InstanteStore’s App Settings. By turning on the notifications, merchants can choose to receive their order notifications either by per order, daily, weekly or on a monthly basis.

InstanteStore App Setting Notifications
InstanteStore App Setting Notifications

The InstanteStore App upgrades are meant to help merchants add products easily and quickly to their store with their mobile phones using a clean and easy to use interface. Merchants can be notified of new store orders by setting the notifications they choose to receive.

Anyway, if there are new features that we can add to help you sell more with InstanteStore, please let us know by sending us an email. We’re constantly working on new features to help you sell more or make your day-to-day operations easier.


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