Set Up Online Store Tip – Get More Out Of Your Product Images

Here are a few tips to help you set up online store to target your customers from the get go. Product images on an online store serve 2 purposes – to attract the attention of the shopper and to get them to execute a positive action. The latter is just a fancy way of saying we want shoppers to react by buying a product.

So, how can an image can be used to influence an action? Well, that depends on what information is shared with the viewer. The type of information shared would depend on the type of product on display.

When deciding on what kind of product image to display on your web store, you need to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and figure out what would grab their attention and what kind of information would they be looking for in such a simple thing as an image.

Types Of Product







Some product images do not really need to present that much detail about a product. Others do. It all depends on the product.

Products such as jewelery or branded watches may benefit from closeup shots whereas dresses would look better if the shot captured the whole product. So before you set up online store, be sure to give factor some thought.

Point Of View
Jewelery and branded watches usually come with very fine details so a closer look at it from the very first view would probably be better than a zoomed out view. When you look at dress watches, what do you look for? I would guess it would be the face of the watch since that’s usually the nicest part of the watch.

If shoppers would like an even closer view of a product, there’s always the zoom tool.

With that in mind, it does not make much sense to have models posing with every single watch on a site with 90% of a product image real estate taken up by the model.

It’s a different story with dresses. That’s a product shoppers would like to have a full view of because they’d like to imagine how it would look like on them. Which is why dresses and apparel in general usually come with more than just one view.

Not Just About Product
Over the years, we’ve got feed back from merchants carrying out their own experiments to see why certain products sell better than others. Sometimes, it’s got nothing to do with the products. Sometimes, it’s the model posing with the products which matters. I’m not kidding.

If you’re selling womens’ apparel or mens’ sunglasses, try placing a not-so-hot selling item on a very hot model and see what happens. Both men and women like to imagine themselves as the hot model wearing those products so their eyes are usually drawn to those models. So if you find it difficult selling an item, think out of the box. It may not be the product, but the way it is presented.

Brand Matters

Some products sell because of the brand. Items such as branded handbags and watches fall into this category. Which is why brand names are prominently displayed in some product images. You can find out if brands make a difference by doing a little keyword research for a generic term like – handbag.

From the results above, it is obvious that shoppers for such items place great value on brand name. Thus, it would be a good idea to display brand names on product images for these types of items to help get customers attention.

If you’re thinking about tweaking your current online store or are waiting to set up online store from scratch, spend a few minutes pondering what kind of images would best suit your products so that they generate the results you want.

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