Quick Guide To Using The Google Keyword Planner Tool

Look of shock on whitewater rafting dog

How many of you had that exact look when you looked up Google’s Keyword Tool and was presented with the Keyword Planner instead?

The Google Adwords Keyword Tool has been like family to many merchants and SEO experts for about 13 years. Many are still be shock at the demise of this wonderful yet free tool. Maybe ‘Demise’ is too harsh of a term since, in the ‘Google Keyword Planner Tool’, Google has actually combined their legendary keyword tool with their traffic estimator.


InstanteStore Introduces New Content Slider

Here comes our brand new spanking content slider! The previous one was getting ancient so the team decided to create a better one for our merchants to use. With the new slider, all you need to do is to upload your own images and type in whatever text you want displayed on it. We’ve included a text editor so you could pick the font and color of your choice.


Happy New Year 2013 From InstanteStore

fireworks over the manhattan bridge
Fireworks Over Manhattan Bridge

In a few hours, we will bid goodbye to 2012 and welcome the brand new year of 2013. While 2012 may have its set of challenges along with its ups and downs, let’s not forget to be thankful for the victories and successes that we have experienced along the way in doing business online. May the year 2013 bring you to greater heights of success in both your personal life and work.



InstanteStore Partners With Payza, Award Winning International Online Payment Platform

Payza Logo

InstanteStore continues to grow its partner list of payment processors by integrating with Payza, an award winning international online payment platform. Payza has over 9 million members and services 197 countries in 21 different currencies. The company recently acquired AlertPay which was another payment provider that InstanteStore had integrated into their ecommerce solution.


Introducing Template Tuesdays



Hello people!

I bet most of you are all caught up with the Olympics right now. I know everyone at our office is. Yesterday, all the pantry talk was about the fiasco at the women’s fencing event. At lunch just now, we talked about chess becoming an Olympic sporting event in the future and the absurdity of chess players undergoing blood and urine tests for doping.


Lessons We Can Learn from Roger Federer’s Wimbledon 2012 Win!

This year has been a year full of sporting events especially in these summer months. It started with the French Open in late May, followed by Euro 2012 and then Wimbledon, Le Tour De France (happening now!) and the Olympics in London at the end of the month which everyone is looking forward to! If you’re a sports enthusiast like me, I guess you will practically be glued in front of the tube catching the events and cheering for your fellow countrymen.

But what I really want to talk about is Roger Federer’s win at Wimbledon last Sunday. You may be wondering what has his win got anything to do with business or eCommerce for that matter? There is quite a few lessons that we can learn from the Swiss master’s win actually. As I was sitting there watching the match cheering RF on (sorry Brit fans!), all these thoughts just came to mind and I just wanted to share with all of you here.


Access Your Google Analytics While On The Go

Last week I mentioned about making full use of Google for your business. While it’s easy to access your Google Analytics account from our InstanteStore’s Admin panel (just link your account by clicking on the Website Statistics button), it would also require you to use either your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to do so. The Google Analytics page has not been optimized for mobile so viewing the live site format on a 4 inch screen can be a bit taxing.


Special MOLPay Promotion For InstanteStore Merchants

MOLPay is one of South East Asia’s leading payment gateways, steadily growing from strength to strength since 2005. It is a solid option for merchants in search of an award winning and PCI DSS compliant payment gateway.

InstanteStore is now integrated with MOLPay and this venture comes with fantastic benefits to InstanteStore merchants.

The MOLPay promotion for Instantestore merchants include:

To enjoy the benefits of this promotion, contact us and mention ‘MOLPay Offer’. We’ll take care of the rest.

To find out more about MOLPay, click here to visit their site.