Access Your Google Analytics While On The Go

Last week I mentioned about making full use of Google for your business. While it’s easy to access your Google Analytics account from our InstanteStore’s Admin panel (just link your account by clicking on the Website Statistics button), it would also require you to use either your tablet, laptop or desktop computer to do so. The Google Analytics page has not been optimized for mobile so viewing the live site format on a 4 inch screen can be a bit taxing.


Win A $247 Design Gift Certificate Easily

Christmas, a time for shopping, sharing and giving, is just around the corner. Speaking of sharing, we’ve been giving away design gift certificates worth $247 every month since October to lucky winners of our “Like” InstanteStore contest. It’s SUPER EASY. All you need to do to be in the running is to swing over to our Facebook page (just click on the image below to go to our Facebook page) and click on the “Like” button there. That’s it! Winners will be notified by email and via Facebook as well.


Web 2.0 – It’s a Whole New Website Development Era

Web 2.0 is the new buzzword when you’re planning your ecommerce web site development these days. What exactly is Web 2.0? It’s basically incorporating more interactive and participatory applications and user-generated content.

What does that mean, really? Read on as we take a look at important Web 2.0 technologies and talk about how you can make them work for you… (more…)

Generate More Product Sales Through e-Newsletters

“49% of email marketers said their newsletter routinely justified themselves.”

– MarketingSherpa, Email Marketing Benchmark Guide 2008

After SEO, the next most effective conversion tactic for smaller marketers is e-mail and newsletters.

The InstanteStore newsletter broadcast feature is not only a great customer retention tool but more importantly, it has the potential to boost sales by up to 35% if done correctly. There are so many good things going for this feature. Best of all, it’s FREE. All it takes is a little work and you have a proven sales-getter.

So, how do you get this working?… (more…)

With InstanteStore’s Doba Integration, Running Multiple Web Stores Is A Cinch

InstanteStore‘s integration with Doba – a  popular product sourcing portal – has made it possible for merchants to run not just one, but multiple stores with ease.

Merchants no longer need to purchase products in bulk from traditional suppliers or B2B markets. Storage is no longer an issue, its the same with shipping. Merchants can finally turn their storerooms back into their dens.

Keep on reading to find out more about InstanteStore’s Doba integration …


Add 100 Products To Your Web Store In Under 15 Minutes

The title may seem a bit far-fetched but it’s not. Conventionally, it may seem impossible to pull this off in such a short span of time because adding products to a web store also means a bit of work – writing product descriptions, setting prices, assigning product codes and uploading images. Usually, this would take hours to complete but this was before the InstanteStore-Doba integration.

Continue reading to find out more… (more…)